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5 Reasons To Use Planters In Your Outdoor Space

There are many reasons to grow plants and in this article, we’ll take a look at five reasons to use planters in your garden or outdoor space. This includes our range of metal planters and raised beds which come in a variety of shapes to suit your needs such as circular planters, larger tree planters, and rectangular trough planters.

two anthracite grey metal cube planters on a london roof top with green plants growing inside

1.     Health benefits

Plants and gardening have been shown to have a positive effect on both subjective well-being and in reducing perceived stress levels. An increase in physical activity is an obvious welcome side effect of gardening too and this has a range of well-documented health benefits.

Plants can also improve air quality. Certain plants can filter out pollutants and toxins from the air, making your outdoor space not only more beautiful but also healthier to spend time in. Incorporating planters into your outdoor space ensures a cleaner, fresher atmosphere, contributing to your overall well-being.

2.     Enhance the appeal of your property

Colourful containers are one of the ways you can spruce up your front garden. You may wish to fill them with summer bedding plants such as petunias, zinnias, and begonias and then transfer to a winter scheme such as pansies and bellis. Alternatively, you could use evergreen shrubs for year-round interest. You may also like to opt for a mix of plants in larger containers and include bulbs and even herbaceous perennials. Don’t forget that you can play around with height if you have several planters by choosing some lower planters and some tall planters for the back of your display.

Planters can also be used to grow fruit and vegetables, or you may want to opt for one of our metal vegetable beds. Most salad crops need only a few inches of soil to grow well, while a supply of fresh herbs is great for use in the kitchen and is also attractive with many also having flowers that are loved by pollinators. Go for the pom-pom pink flower heads of chives or the lavender-blue flowers of rosemary and the bees will thank you.

Planters can also be used to make your business or outside space more attractive to customers. Our range of outdoor commercial planters can help you to create a warm welcome by framing a doorway, providing privacy in an outdoor restaurant setting, or even by being integrated into seating in urban areas or shopping centres.

3.     Make the most of your space with planters

If you have a small outdoor space in terms of ground space then look up – if horizontals are limited then use verticals! A tree planter may take up a relatively small amount of space at ground level but a well-chosen upright tree with a slender trunk can provide a lot of greenery at eye level and beyond. Climbers are another option for the walls of your property or along boundaries. A rectangular planter may be just the thing to plant clematis, honeysuckle, or ivy into.

Wall planters are another option on walls or uprights that are sturdy enough to take them. They can be used to bring plants up to eye level so there is less bending involved, maximise space, and help to create a little green oasis of calm on even a small balcony in the busiest of cities or urban centres.

The other benefit of planters is that they provide flexibility. As mentioned in point two, you can easily change up your display depending on the season. Additionally, smaller planters can also be moved about (on wheels if need be) to create an ever-changing display and move plants that are looking their best to the most prominent places in your garden – perhaps near to a seating area or entrance?

4.     Increase the value of your home

A well-kept garden filled with beautiful plants is likely to both increase the value of your home and make it more attractive to any prospective buyers. A green space outdoors can almost be like having an extra room in summer and is likely to be especially prized in cities where space is at a premium and the countryside is a fair way away.

5.     Create barriers and privacy

Plants are the most environmentally-friendly way to create a barrier in your garden or outdoor space. They are also probably the most aesthetically pleasing. Hedges provide homes for birds and insects while flowering plants can benefit bees, wasps, and butterflies. Even the foliage of some plants can be a vital source of food for the caterpillars of some of our most loved butterflies.

Barriers can also be created with large trough planters filled with climbers or tall plants such as bamboo. The beauty of using containers for plants such as bamboo is that even the spreading types shouldn’t be able to spread too far!

As well as providing privacy and helping to create screens either at the edge of, or within, your garden, plants can also help to reduce road noise. Hedges and denser planting along the side of the garden closest to the road can help to deaden the noise from traffic as well as reduce pollutants.

If this article has inspired you, discover our premium range of large garden planters designed to transform your outdoor space. Enjoy the numerous benefits they bring and create a beautiful, functional garden today!